Position Paper on HPV Immunization

o The pediatric hematology/oncology nurse should use existing recall and reminder

strategies (or develop new strategies, if none exist) to facilitate completion of the

vaccine series.

 APHON recognizes the importance of collaborating with primary care providers to

optimize the health care of hematology/oncology patients.

o The pediatric hematology/oncology nurse should recognize that provision of the

HPV vaccine may occur in the oncology or primary care setting, depending on

institutional and practice characteristics as well as patient circumstances and


o The pediatric hematology/oncology nurse should work in collaboration with

primary care providers to ensure patients initiate and complete the HPV vaccine


Nursing Advocacy

The HPV vaccine is promoted as a cancer-prevention intervention by national

organizations in the United States (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2012; Saslow et al., 2016)

and Canada (SOGC, SCC, GOC, & CFPC, 2015) and internationally by the World Health

Organization (World Health Organization, 2017). The Children’s Oncology Group (Children's

Oncology Group, 2013) and the American Society of Clinical Oncology (Bailey et al., 2016)

specifically state that the HPV vaccine should be recommended to all eligible cancer survivors

and other immunocompromised patients. Therefore, APHON stands with other national and

international organizations in recommending the HPV vaccine for age-eligible cancer survivors

and patients with hematologic disorders.

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