Position Paper on HPV Immunization

 The pediatric hematology/oncology nurse is responsible for supporting and fostering the

autonomy of the young adult hematology/oncology patient to make decisions about HPV

immunization, when appropriate.

 The pediatric hematology/oncology nurse should educate the patient and family that

receiving the HPV immunization series does not negate the need for cancer screening


Nursing Interventions

 APHON recognizes the need to decrease missed opportunities for administration of the

HPV vaccine to age-eligible cancer survivors and patients with hematologic disorders.

o The pediatric hematology/oncology nurse should assess the HPV vaccine status of

age-eligible patients during healthcare encounters. For patients who have not

initiated or completed the HPV vaccine series, the pediatric hematology/oncology

nurse should provide a strong recommendation for the vaccine and facilitate

vaccination at the soonest available opportunity (including at the current

healthcare encounter, whenever possible). Pediatric hematology/oncology nurses

should be aware that receiving a recommendation for the HPV vaccine from a

healthcare provider is the strongest predictor for initiation of the HPV vaccine in

both the general population (Gilkey et al., 2016) and among cancer survivors

(Klosky et al., 2017).

o The pediatric hematology/oncology nurse should use available technology, such

as electronic medical record alert systems, to prompt time-sensitive reminders to

help decrease the number of missed opportunities for vaccination.

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