Sample Completed Fellow Application

Section VI Statement of Future Engagement

Please describe how your significant contribution(s) supports the mission of APHON and how you will continue to uphold advancing pediatric hematology/oncology care if named an APHON Fellow. (300-word max)

I am passionate about the general pediatric hematology oncology nurse and building mentorship to sustain the profession by addressing educational needs and self-care. I have thoughtfully identified areas where I may serve the organization and advance pediatric hematology oncology nursing practice. I am passionate about education. I have contributed to several APHON publications and would be interested in continuing this work as well as developing patient and family education tools for home care. My EBP grant resulted in the creation of enteral feeding education tools and was accepted for publication in JOPHON. Many institutions have such handouts, as well as some information in the COG Handbook, and I envision these documents being evidence based APHON endorsed tools for families. This would provide standardized tools that can be customized for institutions. This work would specifically address comprehensive care, partnerships in care between the health care team and families, honoring child/family preferences in care, access to community resources, and providing the full range of services needed in home care by families. I have an established voice in my local area through several community-based organizations. I would like to become more involved at the national level by representing APHON, for example in ONCC, the Alliance for Childhood Cancer, or similar opportunities, to highlight the voice of the bedside clinician in optimizing care for children with cancer and blood disorders through certification and advocacy. One specific area of interest includes mentoring initiatives for pediatric hematology oncology nursing so that the nurses’ voice is heard, honored, and respected. I am also very interested in the Self Care Task Force and have applied to be a member. By recognizing and addressing the needs of staff nurses, as well as advanced practice nurses, APHON can mitigate burnout and compassion fatigue to allow for sustainability of the profession.

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