APHON 2021-2024 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2021-2024 To support and advance nurses in optimizing outcomes for children, adolescents, young adults and their families throughout the continuum of care for their blood disorders and cancers. Pediatric hematology and oncology nurses are setting, advocating for, and achieving the highest standards of care for children, adolescents, young adults, and their families.



Universal Education and Training

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

APHON educates and empowers nurses to provide the highest standard of pediatric hematology and oncology nursing care. 1. Set a vision and strategy to improve accessibility for the APHON Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Provider Program, core and foundational curricula, and patient/family education tools. 2. Grow the number of healthcare systems, hospitals, and providers collaborating with and using APHON’s Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Provider Program and other education and training resources. 3. Build robust continuing education resources through the ACE Center and active collaboration with APHON chapters, education institutions and other nursing and medical associations. 4. Expand the quantity and quality of evidence- based practice guidelines and information APHON develops to address changing treatment strategies and new therapies. 5. Equip nurses to be resilient in managing the emotional demands of caregiving and confident in their moral agency and ethical decision making.

APHON is a diverse and inclusive professional community that values and serves the distinct experiences and needs of our members and their patients and families. 1. Develop a plan and strategies for addressing diversity and inclusion in board and committee leadership, member participation and education programming. 2. Increase APHON’s focus on nursing in pediatric hematology and strengthen members’ ability to serve children, adolescents, and young adults with blood disorders. 3. Identify and develop training and resources on caring for more diverse populations and incorporate this competency into the scope and standards of practice. 4. Establish advisory forums and resources to better understand and serve diverse patient populations, particularly vulnerable and marginalized patients and their families.


Community of Professional Colleagues

APHON advocates for the expertise, research and resources children and young people everywhere may need to treat their cancer and blood disorders. 1. Advocate for increased research funding for pediatric cancers and blood disorders. 2. Increase APHON’s network of members who are knowledge-able and are ready to communicate the association’s public policy priorities to policymakers. 3. Cultivate relationships with global stakeholders taking an active interest in advancing initiatives to improve children’s health. 4. Define APHON’s focus and strategy for securing global recognition and support for specialized nursing in pediatric oncology and hematology.

APHON convenes nurses and health professionals as a collaborative community with a shared sense of purpose. 1. Leverage APHON’s expertise and influence through intentional relationships with nursing and healthcare association partners. 2. Develop interconnected relationships among chapters to maximize education and networking opportunities.

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